Submit Your Script

And get it read by our actors!


Get a prompt!

The first step to getting your script read on air is to get a randomized prompt like us in our brainstorming episodes!

You can use the same exact randomizer we use right here. Once there, choose three different elements to randomize and role those dice!

Now for the real fun part! You have to write a script!

Does your prompt work better as a screenplay? Maybe a stage show? Even a series of vingette scenes? Whatever works best to incorporate all three of your elements works!

When writing keep in mind that for our show, your script should:

-Be between 20 and 50 pages.
-Be properly formatted.
-Include the randomized elements you used on the cover page
-Have no more than 3 or 4 big character parts, more smaller parts are fine
-Include a list of Characters in your script.

Write your script!

Send us your script

Once you have you script ready to be sent to us, you can email it to us at

When you send it, make sure to include the name of your script and “Script Submission” in the subject line, and in the body of the email tell us a little bit about yourself and the writing process for your script, this way if we read it we can share that with your fellow listeners!