Write N Role the Podcast

Write N Role the Podcast was started by couple, Natalie Hunter and William Knapp as a means to practice writing and be creative.

In Spring 2018, Natalie entered into a writing competition where contestants would get a set of pre selected writing prompt elements and each write a script based on those. Natalie and Will both loved this idea so much that they decided to expand on it a bit.

Will created the randomizer and they both created the six lists of writing elements, and thus Write N Role was born!

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Natalie Hunter

Co-Host, Writer, Editor

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William Knapp

Co Host, Writer, Editor

The Actors

Antoinette Burke

Ariel Cohen

Bill Moore

Damon Evans

Jonathan Kilom

Maria Cento

Maya Graffagna

Rosbel Franklin

Sami Coleman

Saturday Lawson

Steven Uihlein

Logo by Ari Prokos

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